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Pertinent information on how to get your idea from ideation to launched product.

Lessons in Scale

When starting a company, it’s easy to get caught up in your own expectations.

Why starting a company is better than grad school

While higher education is extremely valuable, the benefits of starting your own company instead can’t be denied.

What do our engineers do to stay sharp?

We’re fascinated by the ways in which successful people spend their free time, as we think it’s a great indicator of how they continually strive for achievement.

How to improve business travel

Next time you’re stuck on a plane to Des Moines with three dudes from an entirely different department, telling yourself this is the last time you travel until you get a raise, consider these few tips.

On the Intersection of Big Data and Mobile Development.

Everyone seems to recognize the power of big data, but they differ on how to incorporate it into development efforts.

Do you hate your job and just want someone to build your app for you so you can sell the shit out of it and make a ton of money?

It’s 3:15 PM and you’re at your desk, again, counting down the minutes until you can get in your car, again, drive home, again, and repeat it all over the next morning.

Optimize your business with Custom Software

Is doing something as simple as recording a business expense or planning a meeting an absolute nightmare due to outdated software and tools? These sort of problems can turn even the most enjoyable line of work into a chore.

Mobile Future Virtual Reality

The future is mobile.

The further we move into this technologically advanced era, the clearer it becomes that mobile technology is the future of, well, just about everything.

How we help clients get from A –> App Store

Building mobile applications is a lot of fun. At least, we try to keep it fun, both for our sake and for the benefit of our clients.

Why Should I Invest in Startups?

When you invest in startups you take control of your financial future in a way that just can’t be matched, learn why you should consider investing in startups and know the risks.

Coder Venture Development

Why You Should Work With Coder Inc.

Do you want to build an app or do you want to build a technology enabled business? See what it’s like to work with Coder.

What is Agile Development?

Agile development is one of the premier methods of project management available, but what exactly is it?

Could You Run A Company Better Than Your Boss?

Sitting in some meeting that should be an email at 4:45 when you just want to go home and rebuild your sanity before the workday starts all over again: “I could run this place better than my boss.”

How can I become a better Mobile Developer?

More often than not, when you ask someone why they became a mobile developer, they’ll be able to give you a reason that’s specific, interesting and meaningful.

The Perks of Working from Home

Work from home has become a particularly common benefit in the technical world, where more and more facets of daily work are able to be done remotely.

How We Build Quality Mobile Apps (For You)

There are apps, and then there are successful apps.

Are You Going to Start Up or Sell Out?

There are some very distinct benefits to starting a company or joining a startup that you simply won’t find when you “sell out” by pursuing a more traditional career path.

Finding Developers for Your Startup with Coder

For those venturing out into the world of startups, this means that the need for developers will more likely be a certainty than a question.

Venture Development Build your idea

We’ll Build Your App Idea, So What Are You Going to Build?

Letting ideas, notions or desires slip past you for any reason can be the difference between working a job you hate for the rest of your life and becoming your own boss.

Venture Development First Product Build

Building Your First Product

Building a startup poses a particularly unique challenge.


Is Your Business Ready for the Mobile World?

In the same way that having a great mobile platform can attract, retain and monetize potential consumers for your business, having a sub-par mobile presence can be a coffin nail to your profitability.

Venture Development Mobile App Development

Where can I find someone to build my mobile app?

You need a good mobile application in order to attract, convince and retain customers.

How To build an app without knowing code


10 tips to building your app idea without knowing how to code. From refining your idea, to finding developers to launching, this ebook helps you down the path of building your own product.