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Are you prepared for 24/7?

Technology has become the powerhouse of where we gather not only our information, but our entertainment as well.

Gone are the days where you went to the movies or a sporting event for entertainment. Today, entertainment is a 24/7 integrated happening. You no longer watch movies. You rather experience a full immersion into a movie by playing mobile games base on the movie. Going to interactive sites to engage storylines before and the movie launch. Creating story characters and experiencing behind the scenes exclusive content. The movies are no longer just watched, but they are lived through anyone with a computer or mobile device. The entertainment venture opportunities are evident, but the rush to reap the early benefits will come fast.

Also, Sports updates come from Twitter. You can watch games live in your timeline. You can take the game with you on your phone and watch it on the go. Interact with your favorite teams and players on SnapChat. Checkout the latest highlights from an App on the way to work. You can engage in friendly banter with opposing fans from across the country. You can watch shows on-demand from the comfort of your home and engage with the content via your phone. All the convenience at your finger tips, at all hours of the day.

Since Technology has become apart of our day to day lives. Providing a constant delivery network is a must. Your entertainment strategy needs to involve a multi-channel touchpoint that utilizes technology. Everyone uses technology, especially the upcoming generations that rely on it. therefore, having a solid entertainment technology network, is important to ensure the success of your business. Take advantage of the entertainment venture opportunities while you can, Coder can help.

Entertainment Technology opportunities

  • Content Delivery + Monetization

  • Production Finance

  • Workflow Management

  • Marketing + Analytics

  • Promotional Sites + Branded Applications

  • Multi-Channel Platforms



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