Engineered for ease of Use

Reduce your execution risk

From selecting your solution features to launching your product and beyond, the platform guides you through a step by step execution process.

Platform Benefits

Insert your idea, we handle the rest

Our technology is engineered to reduce friction throughout the venture development process so you can focus on operating your day to day while your team helps build for your future.

Coder Icon Manage Risk

Manage Risk

Blockchain smart contracts help maintain oversight of your budget by locking scope, securing resources, and managing deadlines.

Coder Icon Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Document tracking and feedback loop system streamline communication reduces costs and accelerates deliverables.

Coder Icon Transparency

Provide Transparency

Integrated business intelligence dashboards ensure you know what’s going on with your project in real time.

Coder Platform Feature Picker
STEP 1: Pick your requirements

Guided on-boarding ensures seamless project kickoffs

Setting up a project has never been easier. With an interface that guides you every step of the way, your project will be up and running in no time.

Coder Platform Proposal Management Page
STEP 2: Scope your project

Get a project started quickly

No need to juggle multiple systems. With the Auto-Scope feature, Project Scoping, Estimates, Contracts, and Payments are all built directly into the platform.

Coder Platform Team Selection
Step 3: Assemble your team

Secure the right team for the project or job.

As your project is scoped and discovered, the right solution providers will be secured to ensure proper execution of your project. With the team collaboration and communication tools built into the platform, everyone is on the same page from the start.

Coder Platform Project Page
Step 4: Plan your roadmap

Focus on your business goals, not on task management

With our automated roadmaps, dedicated solution leads and streamlined sprint planning, rest assured that your project will stay focused so you can focus on your business goals.

Coder Platform Spring Management Page
Step 5: Approve your sprints

Pre-Approve every sprint as it's own SOW

With the auto-scoping feature, sprints are individually reviewed and approved as independent Statements of Work.

Coder Platform Requirement Feedback and Response
Step 6: Provide your feedback

Quickly turn feedback into actionable tasks and deliverables

Easily turn feedback you’ve received into an actionable item by highlighting the text and choosing an item from the menu.

Coder Platform Feature Management Page
Step 7: Manage your Budget

Only pay for approved work, secured with smart contracts

Our platform smart contract is engineered to secure each sprint payment against deliverables to reduce the risk of incomplete work, scope creep, cost overruns or non-payment. With multi-party approval for all requirements required prior to escrow distribution.

Metric Tracking on the Coder Platform
Step 8: Track and Repeat

Track your metrics and growth post launch

Add new features or add additional solutions based on factual data. Track user adoption, web traffic conversion, or revenue generation following the development of your product or campaign launch.

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