Product Architecture

Business ideas that depend on a software component, requires a strategic approach. Another name for this is product architecture. This specialty is sometimes overlooked by founders. Especially if they do not have a technical background. This could be devastating to the success of the business.

Don’t let a lack of quality product architecture be what sinks your great idea. Allow someone with the know-how to assist you and your big idea.

At Coder Inc., we use product architects that understand the importance of this role. And because we can “speak code” for you, you can rest easy. The long-term vision and needs are being transfered to your development team. With you in control, of course.

A product architect chooses the great plan of the software development. Your product architect will make sure that the code behind your app is scalable. and that all members of the team are working inline with this plan. We provide all this, while working with you at every step.

Too often businesses think in the short-term. The result is a functional product. But when design, or technology need upgrades everything must be changed. As a result, costing the business thousands in unnecessary costs.

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