Sales + Business Development

You’ve got a great idea for new software. You’ve built it and it’s ready to use. But for many start-ups or new products, there is an added need.

Perhaps your idea requires sponsors, or other businesses to buy in. Or you’re looking to secure your first enterprise clients or early users. Or maybe a lack of a strategic sales and business development plan.

Strategic Sales and Business Development

You cannot wait for these groups to find you. Therefore you must take your offering to them, and make it painful that they are not involved. This takes a specialized team and plan to get it done.

At Coder Inc., we know that investor groups and business strategists will need to see a strong sales plan. Especially if the business model calls for it. Because without it, your idea will fail.

In conclusion, Our team helps develop your sales goals and provides you with strategic targets. Since time and energy put forth by the sales and development team is precious, Don’t waste the opportunity by going to market without a great plan.

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