Software Design + Development

Web App Design

Creating your mobile application requires a lot of time and resources. To maximize your efforts, you’re going to want a web presence to go along with it.

The two components of your product should be able to play off of one another. And add independent value to your organization’s goals. But should also do well as stand alone applications.

Dynamic Communication

When approaching a web application development project, the Coder Inc. product team has your back. We take time to fully understand the needs and expectations that the client has for the web app. Throughout the development process, the client can rely on Coder Inc. to provide many avenues for clear communication. Whether we’re in the overview phase, planning or finishing , we’ll always be in contact with our clients. Every step of the way.

Invaluable Ability

While, your web application is only ever going to be as strong as the developers who coded and designed it. When working with Coder Inc. you can rest assured that this strength is always going to be an advantage. Our developers work with many techniques. Ruby on Rails, Agile project management techniques and leading UI/UX development techniques. These ensure that your web app measures up to your standards, and the the most cutting edge of the industry.

Streamlined Process

Our web application development process has been carefully designed. This creates the highest level of client communication. Our dedicated product team developed all our web apllications. While, the Product Manager works to offer constant communication to the client. Product Architect ensures technical progress throughout each of our four primary development phases. As a result, this method of built-in project management means that you can always expect the best. Developers at Coder Inc, pride themselves on accountability, teamwork and an excellent product.