Website Design + Development

Your idea is your baby. Whether you’re trying to revitalize the public transit space, or create the next Tinder. It’s your brainchild, and we respect that.

That’s why at Coder Inc. we cater our website design and development services to help you. We help bring your business idea to life. Whatever it is that you’re trying to build. Create it with the help of a team of experienced developers and designers. The end result is always a website that you’re going to be proud to put your name on.


It all starts here. It doesn’t matter if you already have wireframes and advanced planning laid out. Or if you’re simply in the idea phase; our web development services can help you make your dream a reality. We have trained developers. In iOS, Ruby on Rails and mobile app development. So that whatever platform you want to bring your website to, we can help. Best of all, you’ll always be able to manage your developers. Our proprietary platform allows you to manage your project. It provides you with transparent oversight and team communication. While we do the heavy lifting, you’ll have a front row seat.


Given the choice between a world class meal that’s thrown onto a paper plate. And an above average appetizer with exceptional production value. many consumers would opt for the latter. We believe in aesthetic appeal and it’s power to persuade your audience of the value of your product. That’s why our designers work with cutting edge UI and UX technologies. We deliver a user experience and interface that’s bright, easy to navigate and appealing. We’ll work with your ideas to craft a website that exceeds the standards of your company. While also drawing in your potential consumers with brilliant design. It’s just one more thing that separates Coder Inc. from the crowd.

We know you have options when it comes to the development and design of your website. And we’re hellbent on showing you that we’re the best. Let’s talk about it.